By Laws

By Laws

Knights of Mary
Saint Anthony Maronite Church


The Knights of Mary Organization

The head of the organization and their role:

  • Gretta Merheb & Colette Sadek – Oversee program delivery, execution and assist the advisors with discussion topics and any behavior issues.

Description of the organization:

Knights of Mary is a Christian life movement, through which, we teach the kids how to be true Christians and witnesses to Christ in our words, actions and love, following the example of our Virgin Mother Mary and all the Saints. 

We accept kids from Kindergarten through 8th grade.

The kids are grouped by grades:

· Kindergarten

· 1st & 2nd grades

· 3rd & 4th grades

· 5th & 6th grades

· 7th & 8th grades: we named this group age “Junior MYO “, and we are trying to prepare them to be transferred to the MYO Organization.

7 Acts of a Knight of Mary

  1. Love Jesus, every morning, start your day with a prayer of devoting the day to Jesus.
  2. Love Mary, she is the mother of Jesus.  At night pray a decade from the rosary, one Our Father and 10 Hail Mary.
  3. Love your friends, pray once a week with them.
  4. Go to mass, once a week and pray with spirituality.
  5. Go to church and learn the mass and the special prayers.
  6. Love to read the Bible and share the stories of Jesus and other Bible stories.
  7. Be like Jesus, believe, go to confession, be devoted, and pray.